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Mission & Purpose

What we stand for

What makes us different?

BlakeWrites isn't just another mens publication. We aren't just here to publish articles and make a buck. From the very beginning, we've committed to being purpose-driven and focused on living out a simple, yet powerful, mission: providing content that is inclusive, informative, and empowers guys from all walks of life to live better lives.

After working for a while as a freelance writer in the men's fashion industry, BlakeWrite's owner and managing editor, Blake Reichenbach, got tired of reading and writing content about white guys with six packs and money to blow. The articles he wrote didn't speak to his own experiences, or to the experiences of his friends. So, he asked himself why he should waste time on content he couldn't relate to... spoiler, he decided that he shouldn't waste time on it.

And so, BlakeWrites was born. We seek to hire and publish diverse voices, create and share content that doesn't simply glorify the same square jaws and rolexes we see everywhere else, and take a stand against publications that perpetuate misogyny, discrimination, homophobia, and toxic masculinity.


We are committed to supporting

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 Men of Color   Queer & Gender Non-Conforming Men
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and we want YOU to be a part of our mission

Seriously... we do.

We don't want BlakeWrites to just be another blog. We want it to be a resource that guys enjoy because it builds them up and strengthens their sense of brotherhood across lines of race, class, sexuality, religion, education level, and whatever else may separate us. You can help us grow and live out our mission by

  • Engaging with the content you read. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts on our articles. 
  • Provide feedback. If you like something or dislike something, let us know. We love to hear it when you like something you read on BlakeWrites, but we also like to know if we ever mess up. Our managing editor is a white, cis dude after all, and as a whole, guys like that kinda prone to white-peopling. While he tries hard to ensure that the content we publish is inclusive, please let him know if it's ever not (using the form below).
  • Submitting a proposal for an article. If you're a writer– especially one from a diverse background– feel free to check out our submission guidelines to submit a proposal.
  • Alternatively, feel free to submit a Letter to the Editor; while these aren't paid articles, if there's something you need to get off your chest and want to share with the community, sending it to us as a Letter to the Editor is your opportunity to do so.
  • Share our content with your friends! This one's pretty easy, but it helps us a ton. 

Where are we going from here?

AKA Stuff we find exciting and want to share with you

BlakeWrites is actively working on the following:

  • Creating more trans-focused content! We've been pretty cis-centric so far.
  • Publishing higher quality content more frequently so that we can stay on top of breaking stories.
  • Growing our traffic and revenue so that we can pay writers more and hire more writers from more backgrounds to contribute– more, more, more!

Inclusive. Expressive. Free Spirited. BlakeWrites is here for men who don't fit the mold as much as it is for those who do.

Louisville, KY

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