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Frequently Asked Questions

Get to know BlakeWrites even better!

  • Is BlakeWrites just another liberal website?

    Nope. As a publication, BlakeWrites considers itself apolitical. That being said, the editor and writers behind it are approaching topics from their own worldviews, so some content is going to have political leanings/ vibes.

    But, we don't turn down content just because it doesn't agree with us politically. Our mission is to support guys of all walks of life, so as long as something doesn't invalidate the existence or infringe upon the rights of others, we don't care if it comes from a liberal, conservative, pastafarian, or whatever background.

  • Is BlakeWrites for gay men?

    Sure. It's also for straight men. And bi men. And asexual men. And men who are still all of the above, none of the above, in between the above, or still undecided.

    You get the point.

  • Where does BlakeWrites' content come from?

    BlakeWrites purchases content from freelance writers. We have a small team of regular contributors, and we also accept proposals from anybody interested in writing for us.

  • Is BlakeWrites a Cult?

    *nervous laughter* Who told you that? What? No way? 

    ... Why? Do you want in?

  • How does BlakeWrites Make Money?

    As BlakeWrites grows and expands, we'll be making money by selling ad space, promoting affiliate products, providing marketing and consulting services to corporate sponsors, and who knows, maybe even holding events/ selling our own products down the line.

    Don't worry: we'll always be sure to let you know when something is sponsored content, and we won't promote anything that we don't actually believe in. We're not going to be sleazy advertisers, and tbh, the only reason we're not staying ad-free is so we can pay more writers and at higher rates for our content.

  • BlakeWrites is a stupid name... why is it called that?

    Yeah, hi, managing editor and owner, Blake, here. 

    First of all: how dare you?

    Second: I owned/ used the domain for a project for my employer when I started a new job. Since I already had the domain... I figured I'd just put it to use.

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