Underwear Review: Coconut Supply Co

Diego Rodrigo Barros is a London-based "underwear model, fitness coach, social media influencer and festival fanatic." Known for his muscles and provocative underwear photos, he has amassed a massive online following. With over half a million followers on Instagram, and a brand built upon luxury underwear, it was a logical step for Barros to expand beyond just modeling underwear. 

The result was Coconut Supply Co.  

As a collaboration between Barros and his good friend Henry Williams, Coconut Supply seeks to create underwear that lives up to Barros' reputation as one of social media's biggest underwear influencers, all while being comfortable and modern. 

So, how does it measure up? 


I ordered a pair of Coconut Supply briefs back in early October, and my pair arrived a little over a week later. Though the shipping time may seem a little long on the surface, they did arrive from the UK, so overall the delivery was pretty prompt. 

IMG_3878When I initially opened the underwear, I noticed two things: 

  1. First, they are boldly colored and soft. As soon as they came out of their package, they felt great and looked bold. 
  2. The waist band is quite a bit wider than the waistbands I'm used to.

Initially, I was worried that the thick waistband wouldn't look good. I wasn't a fan of the way it looked just holding up the underwear, but once I put them on, I was pleased. On my body, the waistband didn't look too chunky, and it actually made the underwear fit more comfortably throughout the day. 

Aside from the waistband, the silhouette is very sleek and modern, and the color choices for their current offerings work well with a variety of skin tones. I suspect that as Coconut Supply continues to grow, they'll add more color options, because as of right now, the Limited Launch Brazil Edition color palette wouldn't be super complimentary to guys with dark, cool-toned skin tones.  


Coconut Supply briefs are made from a blend of 97% MicroModal with 3% elastane, and is ethically manufactured and sourced in Portugal. 

When I saw the fabric composition that Coconut Supply uses, I was shocked, but in the best way possible. MicroModal is an amazing fabric. It's silky and cool to the touch, and you're not likely to find a more supple material to cradle your best bits. The pinch of elastane that's included helps the underwear contour to your body and retain their shape, even after being washed many times. 

These undies feel amazing. Unlike other pairs, I don't find myself feeling the need to pull rough seems out of my crotch or wanting to rip them off as soon as I get home at night.


Coming it at around $30 per pair, Coconut Supply briefs aren't exactly cheap. But, when you compare their prices to similar products– such as Atelier Traditionnel's Classic Black briefs, which start at $59– the price isn't bad. I'm normally a very strict budgeter, but I had no qualms about paying for my Coconut Supply briefs. They're comfortable, they're attractive, and they're made from high quality materials. 

Still, it'd be hard to fully stock your underwear drawer with them due to the price. They do offer twin packs of underwear, which helps though!


If you have a few spare dollars sitting around, you need to buy yourself a pair of Coconut Supply's underwear. Otherwise, put them on your Christmas list. 

I give this brand 4 undies out of 5.

4 briefs out of 5In all, I think that Coconut Supply does way more right than they do wrong. The only thing holding them back from getting a perfect score is that the cost is a little high, which may prevent some guys from being able to get ahold of him. The value is definitely worth the price tag, but even with a solidly middle class income, I only own one pair. I think that as Coconut Supply grows and brings in new offerings, we'll also see some cheaper options, which may bump them up to a perfect 5.

This article does NOT contain affiliate links. I just really like this product and wanted to share it with you.

-BlakeWrites Owner, Blake Reichenbach