Creative Ways to Save Money While Enjoying the Summer

For many of us, summer is the best season of the year. It’s hot, bright and everybody just seems to be happier. There’s something captivating about summertime, but there’s also an enormous drawback: it’s expensive.

From annual holidays to afternoon beers with friends and evening barbecues, our summertime spending can quickly add up. Saving money during the summer is essential to having a good time without worrying about breaking our bank accounts. But how is it done?

Embrace the Humble Picnic

Sunny lunches and al fresco dinners are what summer is all about. A few a week, however, can quickly start to cost a fortune.

Eating is an integral part of our culture, and there’s a good reason why. It just feels great. Sacrificing your food-related spending and pleasures during summer isn’t ideal. Instead, why not learn to embrace the humble picnic?

Whether in your local park, at the riverside or on the beach, taking a few sandwiches and some fruit and dining outside is a creative, enjoyable and downright inexpensive way to enjoy a meal without worrying about paying your rent at the end of the month.

Go On a Budget Vacation

Taking a vacation is both enjoyable and essential. For many of us, a summertime holiday is exactly what we need to keep us pushing through our day jobs throughout the year.

While great fun, however, sunny vacations aren’t known for being cheap. Whether you’re taking your spouse away or jetting off with the entire family, taking a break can quickly become yet another source of stress when our finances don’t align with our need to rest.

Rather than opting for luxury holidays and expensive flights, why not vacation on the cheap? If you’re looking to go away at a low-cost, budget holiday sites and package deals are your new best friends. Make the most of the available offers in order to keep your costs down.

As well as looking to budget sites, consider going on vacation outside of peak season. Simply traveling at the same time as everybody else, i.e. June through August, will increase your costs enormously - so why not take an off-peak holiday and cut your expenses?

Let Your Laundry Dry in the Sun

Electric dryers can cost a lot when used in excess. In the summertime, taking advantage of the natural sunshine and hanging your clothes outside to dry can help you to slash your costs and save money to spend on other activities.

Not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be amazed at how fresh your clothes smell after they’ve been out in the sun for an afternoon. And if you can’t hang up your clothes outside, you can always continue to use your dryer on a lower heat and let clothes air outside for the rest of the way.

Have a Sumer Savings Plan

Whether you’re saving up your earnings before or during summer, it’s important that you put a plan in place so that you’re aware of exactly how much you’re stashing away. Saving blindly will likely just result in you running out of money and having to dip back into your emergency funds.

In order to decide on a savings plan, you first have to determine what it actually is that you’re saving for. Is it a vacation? A new car? To move out? Whatever it is, setting goals will help you t remain motivated and organized.

Once you’ve decided on a purpose, think about where you’re actually going to keep your savings. High-interest savings accounts, for instance, are great ways to earn money over time simply by having money in the first place.

And finally, when you have a summer savings plan in place, consider how you’ll be earning and spending once autumn rolls around. How much are you going to need when vacation season is up? How are you going to ensure that you have enough money to see you through to the end of the year?

By keeping an organized plan and sticking to it, you can rest assured knowing that you’re still saving money whilst enjoying the summer sun. Wouldn’t that be nice?