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FAQs of Toxic Masculinity

You’re hearing it everywhere. It’s filling up your social media feeds and being used in razor commercials; toxic masculinity. But what does that even mean? Have men suddenly become the monsters of society? Does it even exist? In an age of information, how has it become so difficult to get a straight answer? If you’re feeling confused know that you’re not alone. toxic masculinity has existed in many different forms and notions and it’s only recently that researchers, activists, and psychologists have banded together to talk about this prevalent issue.

FAQs of Toxic Masculinity

Necko L. Fanning | February 14, 2019

You’re hearing it everywhere. It’s filling up your social media feeds and being used in razor commercials; toxic...

Learning about Consent from Kinksters

Necko L. Fanning | January 7, 2019

Consent—sexual and otherwise—has never had as much limelight as it’s getting now. With more and more women stepping forward...

6 Underrated Video Games You Need to Play Before 2018 Ends

Necko L. Fanning | October 3, 2018

Just because a game doesn't have a multi-million dollar marketing campaign behind it doesn't mean it's not worth your time....

The Divine Masculine Tarot Deck by St. Jinx [product review]

Necko L. Fanning | September 17, 2018

In recent years the world has seen a resurgence of Pagan traditions. Wiccans, Druids, spiritualists, and other Pagan...

Top Five Underrated TV Shows With Great Representation

Necko L. Fanning | September 12, 2018

We all love to binge a great series but the downside is that as soon as it’s over we’re left desperately wanting a new...

5 Black Authors You Need to Be Reading

Necko L. Fanning | September 3, 2018

There’s a romanticized ideal that somehow the publishing world is above concepts of institutional racism/prejudice. Sadly,...

The Venomous Bite of Toxic Masculinity

Necko L. Fanning | August 20, 2018

            There was a moment I realized that toxic masculinity couldn’t be gendered, stereotyped, or even clearly defined....

Do You Know Gay Slang [Quiz]

Necko L. Fanning | August 3, 2018

Serving looks, stunting pretty, this is the quiz from BlakeWrites (it almost works).

Tackling Sexual Insecurity Myths

Necko L. Fanning | July 6, 2018

As men there’s a certain amount of stigma and bravado that surrounds topics like sexual health and satisfaction. In a day...

Grow a Pair and Perform a Self-Exam

Necko L. Fanning | July 4, 2018

As of May 2018 the American Cancer Society reports that 1 in every 250 men will be affected by testicular cancer sometime in...

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