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FAQs of Toxic Masculinity

You’re hearing it everywhere. It’s filling up your social media feeds and being used in razor commercials; toxic masculinity. But what does that even mean? Have men suddenly become the monsters of society? Does it even exist? In an age of information, how has it become so difficult to get a straight answer? If you’re feeling confused know that you’re not alone. toxic masculinity has existed in many different forms and notions and it’s only recently that researchers, activists, and psychologists have banded together to talk about this prevalent issue.

3 Reasons to NOT Skip Leg Day

JD Lyda | February 21, 2018

You’re excited. It’s time for your workout today! You whistle a little, thinking about the bench press and the LAT pulldown...

3 Reasons Why Being Vegan Is Super Manly

JD Lyda | January 3, 2018

The vegan lifestyle seemingly became the 2017 craze. Eat plants, not animals! Everywhere you go, people ask their waitrons,...

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