You’re excited. It’s time for your workout today! You whistle a little, thinking about the bench press and the LAT pulldown machine and the…

Oh. Wait. It’s leg day?

Nope. Uh uh. I can already hear the tires screeching as you speed away from the gym.

Truth is, not many people love the thought of burning their legs up, leaving them struggling to get out of bed for the next three days. And so they skip leg day. Who can blame ‘em?

Sorry to say this, but the only way to accomplish your physique goals is to commit to leg day. Not just that, but to crush leg day. Here are 3 reasons why you need to turn your car around and get going on those leg lifts:

1: All About the Aesthetics

If your dream physique is to look amazing, then you’re looking for an aesthetic physique. This means every body part is proportional to each other. Your shoulders, waist and legs complement one another to form what is known as the ‘perfect shape’.

In short, toned legs and a firm booty is often better.

How do you get a tight lower body, one that could be considered attractive? Ding ding ding! Leg day is the answer.

When others are checking you out, they look you up and down. Once they reach the “down” part, they gotta like what they see. So leg exercises better be on the menu today.

2: You Don’t Want To Be Johnny Bravo

You know, the Cartoon Network show back in the day? Do you recall what he looked like? Sure, slick blonde hair, simple shades, terrible pick-up lines...but what about his body?

BIG upper body. Tiny lower body.


Men, come on. We are all guilty of playing favorites at the gym. I’m talking chest and biceps. They get all the attention, soaking up the glory with rep after rep of chest press and dumbbell curls.

Don’t your legs deserve some love too?

You can normally get some growth and slimness in your legs with ease. Spend some time and build your legs into something extraordinary. Be proud of your lower body and avoid turning into some cartoon character from the ‘80s.

3: They Aren’t Just Leg Exercises

That’s right: Your least favorite lifts - squats, stairs, box jumps, etc. - are also tremendous for your entire body.squats

Deadlifts work your lower back and your hamstrings! Squats develop both solid quads and a tight core! Any leg exercise that can be done rapidly or with minimal rest can tax your cardiovascular system as well.

So you can quit thinking of leg day as an exclusive, below the waist kind of workout. It targets your full body, which not only helps you get to your goal physique even faster but rewards your body with a wholesome, well-rounded day of exercise.

This is a short list, but there are many reasons why skipping leg day is destroying your results. Leg day helps you look incredible from your head to your toes, it keeps you from becoming obsessed with your upper body, and the exercises actually help to shape your entire physique.

Turn that car back around. Start to whistle again. Know with confidence that you’re going to develop the best legs your body can give you.

Who knows? Maybe the squat rack is open for the first time ever! (Probably not though.)

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