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Everything Hurts, but in a Good Way [Fitness Friday 1]

This week, I decided to get back in the gym after a longer break than I would care to admit. 

For several months, I've hardly exercised. Between an odd work schedule, anxiety issues, and generally just enjoying using my down time to rest, the gym became a distant memory. My body had started craving activation and stimulation, and being so sedentary had left my muscles and joints in a state of constant stiffness. 

So, I dusted off my gym bag and drove to the nearest gym. 

Luckily, remembering how to correctly perform most exercises came back easily enough, though the amount of weight that I'm currently using is certainly not what it once was. 

Everything Hurts, but in a Good Way [Fitness Friday 1]

Blake Reichenbach | July 20, 2018

This week, I decided to get back in the gym after a longer break than I would care to admit. 

For several months, I've...

So you know that thing you've always wanted to know, but have been too afraid to ask?

Blake Reichenbach | July 17, 2018

We've mentioned it a few times at this point, so hopefully you've been paying attention, but BlakeWrites is soon going to be...

Country Roads Took Me Home

Blake Reichenbach | July 13, 2018

In 2017, I made the decision to move out to Los Angeles.  In 2017, I also made the decision to move back to Kentucky, and in...

What We're Currently Listening To

Blake Reichenbach | July 11, 2018

If you live in the northern hemisphere, it's currently Summer. And if there's one thing about Summer that translates across...

Skincare for Men: Our Current Favorites

Blake Reichenbach | July 9, 2018
Don't F*ck Up Your Skin

Fellas, you've got to be caring for your skin. It'll reduce the size of your pores, clear up acne,...

Tackling Sexual Insecurity Myths

Necko L. Fanning | July 6, 2018

As men there’s a certain amount of stigma and bravado that surrounds topics like sexual health and satisfaction. In a day...

Grow a Pair and Perform a Self-Exam

Necko L. Fanning | July 4, 2018

As of May 2018 the American Cancer Society reports that 1 in every 250 men will be affected by testicular cancer sometime in...

Minimizing Your Cancer Risks

Adrian Drew | July 2, 2018

There but one disease that stands above all others as a scourge that has afflicted each and every one of us in some way.

Acne No More: Eating Your Way to Clear Skin

Adrian Drew | June 25, 2018

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The general consensus is that...

(Pro)state of the Union

Necko L. Fanning | June 13, 2018

It’s time to talk about that mysterious, little known buddy-up-your-butt, the prostate. Unfortunately, the prostate has more...

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