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jordan peterson appeal to young men

Why Does Jordan Peterson Appeal to So Many Young Men?

Psychologist Jordan Peterson is something of a controversial figure, but many young men find him to be a mentor and icon to look up to. Here's why.

Masculinity and the Culture of Violence

One of the main reasons BlakeWrites was started is that too often, masculinity isn't just toxic– it's outright violent.

Why We Need More Men’s Support Groups

Support groups play such an important role in helping people break through their struggles and live better lives. This is why men need to be more involved in these types of groups.
friends-happy-men-1587510 (1)

Looking to get in shape?

Hand-picked fitness and wellness favs from our editors
active-athlete-barbell-2261482 (1)

Step Up Your Workout Game: Train Like Aquaman

Make a splash with this Aquaman training routine. Find out how Jason Momoa acquired and maintains the superhero look.
active-bar-crossfit-791764 (1)-1

Pull-Ups: An Underrated Exercise for Building Muscle

When it comes to building a better upper body, you can't discount the pull-ups. Pull-ups may have been your worst nightmare in middle school gym class, but they can be your key to a shredded back.

Joe Rogan Explains How to Workout Smarter

Joe Rogan is as known for being in great shape as he is for being a podcast host and UFC commentator. His trick to staying ripped? Working out smarter, not just harder.

need a boost in Motivation?

These are our favorite self-improvement pieces. They're like a shot of espresso for your mind.

Journal | I Unfollowed Dozens of Influencers (and You Should Too)

Social media and fitspiration are parts of our daily lives nowadays. Unfortunately, they can also be toxic AF. That's why I unfollowed dozens on Instagram, and why I think you should too.

How to Not Be A Shitty Coworker

For many of us, we spend at least 40 hours each week with our coworkers. Are they enjoying that time spent with you?
adult-blur-businessman-288477 (1)

Why Sustainable Clothing is Important - Plus 5 of the Best Eco-Friendly Brands for Men

Fast fashion may be cheap, but the long-term cost is way too high.

clothing trends 2018

Not sure what to wear?

We know clothes, too... especially undies.

Are You Man Enough for Leggings?

As it turns out… leggings for men, or meggings, may just be the greatest thing to have happened in men’s fashion for quite a while. Here’s why.

Underwear Review: Coconut Supply Co

Diego Barros has a massive... online following. And he's used his platform to launch his own underwear and clothing brand, Coconut Supply. Perhaps you've seen his iconic green and yellow briefs on Instagram. If you've ever been curious about if they're worth it or not, read on.
modern men's underwear

Underwear Review: Andrew Christian, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel, and Hanes

Don't subject your junk to uncomfortable underwear! I've tested out four brands and price points for you. Trust me... this is scientific.

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